July 2, 2014




Unfortunately, we write the front page for the Texas Ranch Sorting Productions website one last time.  Participation has just not been good enough this year for us to continue to host any more shows for the remainder of 2014.  We appreciate our “regulars” who rode with us consistently and gave us a great 7 year run with the shows.  We will miss you!




When we started TRSP in 2008 we all had the same vision…that we wanted to have the best run show and make certain that we were fair to everyone who came to ride with us.   We still believe that our professionalism and the manner in which we ran every show placed us on the same level as the “big dog” shows…USTPA, RSCN, whoever.  The main difference with TRSP is that we never played favorites, we didn’t foster clicks and we made sure that everyone who attended our shows felt appreciated and had fun.  Life is too short not to have fun.



We did what we promised each other we were going to do back in 2008 and we did it all for the riders…not for our profit.  You never saw us charge you a “per ride” fee so that you could make us wealthy.  What you did see was Gary Hill, Gary Ivie and Mark Barnes tag cattle and put up pens all day the Friday before the show without being paid any money, then turn around and be the first ones back the next morning to work for you all day.  You saw Brenda Barnes and Pat Ivie work straight through 12 to 14 hour show days and then work many days following the show preparing bank deposits, reconciling accounts, preparing for the next month’s show, sending out W-2’s, etc.  By the way, we all have “real jobs” that occupy the majority of our life…we did what we did for TRSP because of the friendships with many of you that we hold in such high esteem.



There are some people who deserve an extra “thank you” from us:  David Kelley (double-duty guy, also our webmaster!), Cindy Durazo & Don Smith for being there on Fridays to help with the set-up.   Lary Knowlton for sponsoring TRSP every single year and Jeff Smith for allowing us use of his arena for 2 days each month, but only charging us for 1.  Kevin, Joel and the “boys in the back” who worked with us through hot and cold, sick cows, stubborn cows and stayed until the last cow was picked up by the cattle man.  These guys also often showed up on Fridays to help us with set-up out of the goodness of their hearts.  Jim and Zee Sykes promoted our events at every show they put on at the Bar S Arena.  WHAT?  Another show producer helping us out?   Really?  Wow…what friends we are blessed with.



It appears that the interest in attending our shows is just not there any longer, and since there can be no end-of-year show with finals, prizes or added money, we say good-bye to Texas Ranch Sorting Productions.  We only existed for you, our friends and riders, and with show participation dwindling to the point of our worrying if we were going to break-even at every show this year, we now must bid you farewell. 



Happy Trails!

Gary Hill, Gary & Pat Ivie, Mark & Brenda Barnes


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